The STEM Academy at Lithia Springs High School (LSHS) offers programs of study in engineering and biomedical science for enrolled students. Students in LSHS STEM Academy are engaged in rigorous coursework that focuses on real world applications of the principles learned in the classroom. To find out more about our program, please visit the STEM Academy webpage. 

Sports Events
•  Home @ Boudary Water (need transportation help)  (Cross Country)

Organizations Events
•  A block uniform inspection  (MCJROTC)
•  1/2 day of school  (MCJROTC)
•  Tentative Uniform Inspection  (MCJROTC)
•  B block uniform inspection  (MCJROTC)
•  Home Football Game  (MCJROTC)

Guidance Events
•  Graduation Writing Test- GHSWT
Time: 8:30 AM
•  Senior Parent Night
Time: 6:30 PM
AP Spanish Summer Assignments   
Summer Assignments for AP Spanish Trabajo de verano para los estudiantes de Espanol AP.   Instruccciones: El trabajo...

Summer Reading for AP & Honors ELA for All Grades   
Summer Reading for Honors 9th, Honors 10th, AP Language (11th) and AP Literature (12th).

Jonathan Freeman Named Star Teacher   
Congratulations to Jonathan Freeman who has been named STAR Teacher!  Mr. Freeman was chosen STAR Teacher by Tarik D., our STAR...
Jonathan Freeman

Teacher of the Year 2014   
Congratulations to Jonathan Freeman who has been selected as our LSHS Teacher of the year for 2014-2015!
Jonathan Freeman

High School Dress Code Policy   
Dress Code Dress Code Reminder All males must have shirts tucked in Pants at waist Shirts, skirts and dresses 3 inches...