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Askew, Garrick Principal
Collins, J. Lee Assistant Principal For Curriculum and Instruction
Tysver, Cammie Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and Instruction
Washington, Robbin Assistant Principal for 9th grade Academy, Cultural Affairs & CTAE
Whitt, Caroline Assistant Principal for Testing Services & Instruction

Babalola, Genobia Counseling
Barnes, Keisha Science
Barnum, Demetria Math
Bentley, Brittney Social Studies
Bright, Sheryl Speech
Camara, Nathan Special Services-Co Chair
Cantrell, J W ISS - Head Boys Basketball Coach
Cooke, Candice Science Instructor
Couch, James (Jim) Fine Arts
Cox, Julie Special Services
Craig, Evan Early Childhood Education
Craig, Matthew Special Services
Crawford, Roxann Mathematics
Danowski, Miranda Business & Technology
Dawson, Lori Media Specialist
Dillard, Terence Physical Education
Edwards, Cassandra Fine Arts - Department Chair
English, Tange Reading Teacher-Special Services Co-Chair
Farmer, Robin Language Arts- Department Chair
Few, January School Psychologist
Ford, Shameka Social Studies
Fortney, Tina Special Services
Fowler, Phil Language Arts
Francis, DiJuana Educational Evaluator
Freeman, Jonathan Math
Fulkerson, John Physical Education/Head Baseball Coach
Gaiters, Damien Director of Bands
Gakuyo, Henry Math
Garrett, Sherri English/Language Arts
Gittens, Vanessa ESOL-Math Support (Push In)
Guiles, Attyya Language Arts
Guinn, Mary Foreign Language
Hanna, Michelle Math
Harmon, Renecia CTAE/Food and Nutrition
Harris, Krista Special Services
Haynes, Arabela Foreign Language
Hill, Kevin PE
Hines, Markia Science
Hunt, Richard Surf Fishing
Isham, Robert Foreign Language
Isles-Towry, Kimberly CTAE Department Chair
Jones, Arthur Special Services
Jones, Kenneth MCJROTC
Kellett, Savanna Social Studies
Krouba, Patrick Science
Kuhlken, Amelia Fine Arts
Lee, Keenan Mathematics --- Department Chair
Lekkou, Angeliki Foreign Language
Livingston, Zuleika Foreign Language/ESOL
Macecevic, Felicia Mathematics
McKenney, Mary Ann Special Services
McLeroy, Cheryl Special Services
Millinor, Payton STEM & AP Coordinator
Mills, David Physical Education - Head Girls Basketball Coach
Mitchell, Shelly Language Arts
Moore, Christopher Language Arts
Moore, Diana Science
Morris, TJ Math
O'Brien, John Social Studies
Parker, Becky Science
Pascal, Antoinette Special Services
Payne, Carol Language arts
Perry, Meitra Counseling
Philidor, Antoine Science
Rager, Darren STEM / Engineering
Richmond, Angel 9th Grade Counselor
Robinson, Paul MCJROTC Senior Marine Instructor
Saffo, Tammy Special Services Teacher
Sandlin, Jennifer Physical Education
Sheperd, Chris Physical Education - Head Softball and Assisstant Baseball Coach
Sherer, Tina Special Services
Sheriff, Keisha Math
Simmons, Robin Science-Department Chair
Swango, Anna Business & Technology
Tedder, Eric Social Studies
Terry, Delmar Social Work
Towns, Nick PE
Vinsant, Debbie Health Occupation
Vu, Vinh Social Studies
Wallace, Jacqueline Social Work
Walton, William Science STEM
Warren, Petrina Language Arts
Weaver, Jolli Counseling
Williams, Pamela Business & Technology
Williams, Richard ALP Program
Willis, Nelson Social Studies
Winnette, Charlene Media Specialist-Department Chair

Aaron, Stephanie Admin--Attendance
Baker, Kim Special Services
Boyer, Elaine Admin--College and Career
Browning, Teco Special Services
Campbell, Michelle Admin - Registrar
Dickson, Andrea Special Services
Fuss, Jennifer Media Clerk
Heath, Deborah Special Services
Horne-Robins, Carolyn Admin - CTAE Secretary
Johnson, Tawnya Special Services
Lawshee, Kelli Admin - Curriculum Secretary
McFadden, FirstName Special Services
Quibell, Ryan Deputy Resource Officer
Ragan, Rubin Special Services Parapro
Rathel, Kathy Admin - Office Manager
Stean, Lauren Admin--Health Monitor/Discipline Clerk
Towler, Tammy Bookkeeper

Brazil, Thomas Soccer Coach
Camp, Lea Cheerleading