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Career Planning For 18-19 Including Dual Enrollment
Posted On:
Thursday, June 01, 2017

Career Planning

To discover courses of study and programs, see the 18-19 Career Planner

Effective Fall 2017, MOWR has been renamed Dual Enrollment. It is one of the newer programs available to qualified high school students who can enroll in approved college-level classwork for credit toward both high school and college graduation requirements. Dual Enrollment is open to any qualified Georgia student in grades 9-12 enrolled in a public school, private school, or home-study program operated pursuant to O.C.G.A. 20-2-690 in Georgia. Students must apply and be accepted to a participating postsecondary institution.

If interested in learning more about Dual Enrollment, see the extensive resources available through the Georgia Department of Education. Also, Ms. Meitra Perry, one of the LSHS counselors, can provide further information.


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