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AP Exams 2018
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Saturday, March 03, 2018

AP Exams Important Information

The AP Exam Registration deadline is Tuesday, March 6.  Sign up by March 6th to avoid late fees! See any AP teacher or Ms. Millinor in the Middle Office for more informationAlso, the LSHS registration site explains, in detail, late fee prices and other very important information.

The AP exam registration is online only at the LSHS registration site.

AP Exams will be administered beginning the week of May 7, 2018.

As of January 31, 2018--ANOTHER CHANGE IN AP FUNDING

As in previous years, funds have now been provided to pay the whole cost of one AP exam for each low-income AP student. In our initial communication, funding was only available to cover $25 of the $53 cost. The extra funding allows low-income students who are not taking an AP STEM exam the opportunity to take one free exam at no cost.

Just as before, there is still funding to cover the cost of (1) one AP STEM exam for each non low-income student enrolled in an AP STEM course regardless of family income and (2) either one AP STEM exam or one non-AP STEM exam for documented low-income students. Only one exam per low-income student will be funded by the state.

AP Exam Schedule

Date Time Subject
Monday, May 7 AM Chemistry
Tuesday, May 8 AM Spanish
Tuesday, May 8 PM Physics I
Wednesday, May 9 AM English Lit
Thursday, May 10 AM Gov't
Thursday, May 10 PM Environmental Science
Friday, May 11 AM US History
Friday, May 11 PM Computer Science
Friday, May 11 PM Studio Art
Monday, May 14 AM Biology
Monday, May 14 PM Physics C
Tuesday, May 15 AM Calculus AB & BC
Tuesday, May 15 PM French
Tuesday, May 15 PM Computer Science A
Wed., May 16 AM English
Thursday, May 17 AM World History
Thursday, May 17 PM Statistics
Friday, May 18 AM Microeconomics


As of January 4, 2018.

For any student, regardless of family income status:  The GADOE will pay for the cost of one AP STEM Exam. Therefore, the cost for LSHS students is $15.00 (all exams require a nonrefundable $15 deposit).

Documentation:  ANY student from a qualifying low-income family must submit a fee-reduction requestregardless of what exam(s) he/she is taking.  Students who do NOT qualify for a fee-reduction do not need to submit any documents.

AP Fee Reduction

The College Board offers a reduced fee exam for students taking the Advanced Placement (AP) exams each May. The criteria for the reduced exam fee are listed in AP Fee Reduction flyer. 



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