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Kymali O. Recognized For Taking Rachel's Challenge
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
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Kymali O. Recognized in Denver For Taking Rachel's Challenge.
Last evening at the beautiful Brown Hotel here in Denver, our very own Kymalli O. was recognized for taking Rachel's Challenge. It was a great evening of mutual enjoyment as we met the staff of Rachel's Challenge. In addition, Kymalli's story and the story of another student from North Carolina put a face to the need for this initiative in schools like ours that do not have the money to pay for the seminar. We were both filmed giving testimony of how our school is positively impacted and watched as Darrell's telling of Rachel's story, Kymalli's story and the other student from NC gave a clear focus as to why we in education need programs like this in the school systems across the US.
Rachel's Challenge receives on average three unsolicited stories per week about how the program has stopped students from committing suicide, bullying and other adverse life choices.
As a result, $150,000 was raised so that other schools like ours can have the opportunity to hear Rachel Scott's story, how kindness can have an impact, and the how the power of forgiveness can alter lives. See our LSHS Facebook post with photos of the Scott family, her brother Craig, and parents Darrell and stepmom.

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