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2018 Science & Engineering Fair
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Thursday, January 11, 2018
LSHS Best in Show & 1st Place Winners
LSHS Best in Show & 1st Place Winners

Congratulations to all students invited to participate in the LSHS Science and Engineering Fair!

All 1st and 2nd place winners will advance to the DCSS Science & Engineering Fair. The DCSS Science Fair Awards Ceremony scheduled for January 18 has been rescheduled for Monday, January 22, 6:30 p.m. at the Murray Educational Center. The projects will be on display from 5:00 until 6:15 prior to the ceremony. 

Best in Show

Nyeemah G. & Lauren M. – “Flushable Lushable”

1st Place
Jaylin B. – “Alternative Energy”
Chase C. – “Natural Sunscreen”
Nick G. – “Modifying a Mouth-stick to Better Assist Quadriplegics”
Savannah R. – “’Standing’ Sound Waves”
Shyann R. & Farrah W. – “Oh Sugar!”
Miles R. – “Switch Fuel”
Jordan T. – “Wind Turbine Efficiency”

2nd Place
Shad A.– “Evolutionary Computing”
Afrah A. & Hope L. – “Lead in the Wrong Direction”
Alex B. – “Building a Raspberry Pi3 Google Assistant”
Angela De La T. & Summer D. – “Mighty Mouse”
Cecia D. – Malware Threats and Protection
Kayana D. – “Saltwater Motion”
Tiffany N. & Tyler N. – “Keep it Icy”
Peter O. & Ruben V. – Game Changing Gloves”
Binaya T. – “Back to the Front”

3rd Place
Kiki A. – “Shimey the App”
Charles C. & Terrell K.– “Band Spray”
Antoine J. & Brian L. – “Electromagnetic VS Conventional”
Angli K. – “Plant Purifier”
Kayla R. – “Gym Bag Blues”
Anthony R. & Jaden L. – “T3xt Neck”
Travis V. – “Biomass Energy”

Honorable Mention
Izzy E. – “Music on My Mind”
Aaliyah F. – “Fast Acting Relief”
Gary J. – “Aerogel Sucks, Literally”
Kayla L. – “Does Age Matter?”
Prisca N. & Tiolu P. – “Mr. Formula”
Audrey W. – “Speedy Attendance”

See out photo album "2018 LSHS Science & Engineering Fair" on the LSHS Facebook page.

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