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Sheryl Bright Staff Photo

I came late to education. When I got to  college, I was a starry eyed dreamer who believed that I could sing my way to fame. After stumbling into my first play, I fell in love with drama. After my first two years at UGA, the head of the department asked  me to join their internship program in the hallway after we struck set. I replied with, "But, sir, I'm not a theater major." He replied with, "Come by my office in the morning and we'll change that." A few years later my first degree, a BA in Musical Theater, was obtained from University of Georgia. I spent four years doing summer stock theater between Jekyll Island Musical Comedy Festival and the Showboat Becky Thatcher.

I quickly realized once I left college that while I loved acting and singing, I just wasn't going to make my livelihood there. I did a stint with the USDA, got married to a guy in the Air Force and moved to Germany before coming back to Valdosta, GA.

In Valdosta, I decided to pursue a music degree, then decided that maybe I needed something a little more stable and fulfilling. I went to the Education Building on campus and ran into a savvy grad student. She asked me what my background was then said that I would be perfect for Speech/Language Pathology. I have never studied as hard as I did for those classes. I came from a fine arts background and was suddenly thrust into hard sciences. Finally, I obtained my MEd-SLP from Valdosta State University.

By the time I had been teaching for around 6 years, I decided that it was time to start hunting out a doctoral program. My itch to be back in the classroom, learning something new just wouldn't go away. It took me several years and a few interviews before I found the right fit. I have never been happier as a student than I was at Mercer. I obtained my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Mercer University in 2010.

I have been a teacher in Public Education as a Speech Pathologist since 1998. I have taught students 3 yrs old up through 22. I have taught every grade and most disabilities.


I have been a speech pathologist since 1998. Prior to teaching, I did professional acting, was a switchboard operator, inspected citrus for USDA, and assorted other jobs.