Subjects Taught
English Literature/Composition, Read 180


Ph.D. Doctoral Candidate, Literacy and Learning, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 

Ed.S. Specialist in Secondary English Education, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA

M.Ed. Master's in Secondary English, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA

B.A. Bachelor's in English and Media, John Wesley College, Owosso, MI

B.R.E. Bachelor's in Education and Bible, William Tyndale College, Farmington, MI


I believe in social interaction as a viable directive for education. Students can and will learn more through interaction with the instructor and each other rather than straight lecture. Our activities include project based learning, performance assessments, activities, group projects, individual assignments, and small group/individual writing & reading work. I have been teaching all grade levels since the mid-90s, and I have focused on high school, tech college, and university teaching the last 20 years. I am certified in English and Reading instruction, having taught at UWG and GSU, along with developing remedial reading programs for Georgia State University and West Georgia Technical College. The art of teaching must include a student-centered approach to meaning-making and higher order thinking for student success and achievement.


I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where I attended high school and earned two college degrees, one in English and one in Education. For many years, I owned and operated my own audio contracting & engineering business eventually building sound systems and recording studios around the country and many other countries around the world. Leaving that business, I moved my young family to Orlando, Florida where I continued writing and editing for book publishers and magazine producers. As our children grew and looked forward to college, we moved to Newnan, Georgia to take advantage of the college opportunities. I continued my writing projects but decided to return to university studies and procure my teaching certifications and a Masters degree, M.Ed. I continued my education and obtained a research specialist degree, Ed.S. I am now finishing a doctoral program for the Ph.D. at Georgia State University, a top-rated research university, in a Literacy/Learning program with emphasis in research and secondary education in teacher education. My wife, Linda, and I have five children which keeps our family pretty interesting. We continue to live in Newnan, Georgia because of its centrality to our children who live in Carrollton, Newnan, and Montgomery. Even with all the changes in our county educational system of late, I decided to stay and teach at LSHS... my teacher colleagues are some of the best in the business, and the administrators are just nice people. I continue to study and work to be the best teacher I can be, effectively engaging students with their own education and thinking skills to learn and achieve their goals and aspirations with a good education.