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Unit 4B CUA will be on 02/22/18 and 02/23/18  

The Unit 4B Study Guide Key is available on the Assignments folder.  

Online textbook Link  

The following sites can  be used  to access an online textbook for Algebra 2 and Geometry. Please utilize these sites for extra help and further reading on the material learned in class.

Online Textbooks at GaDoe:


1st Qtr Engrade - Study Guide  

The 1st Qtr Engrade Study guide  is posted under assignments. The Unit 2B CUA Study guide - KEY  is also available. Please make a point of  reviewing them before the test dates.

Algebra 2: The Unit 2 Polynomials - CUA will be on 10/19 and 10/20/17  

Make sure you study the content material given and also use the links on this site to watch and read useful powerpoint presentations and videos

Geometry - Unit 1 and 2 Engrade CDA will be on 10/13 and 10/16/17  

Make sure you review the content material on Transformations in a Coordinate Plane; Construction in Geometry; Congruence and Proofs .

Geometry - Unit 2B Test will be on 10/04 & 10/05/17  

Homework & Class Assignments  

All Homework and Class Assignments should be turned in promptly before the set deadline. Late work will be deducted points.