Click on the following link for the Variance/Waiver Checklist.  It will give you information on the requirements for obtaining either a waiver or a variance.

Student Waiver and Variance Checklist

Detailed Information from Georgia State Department of Education About Waiver and Variances

If you feel that you are eligible for consideration of a variance of one or more portions of the GHSGT or GHSWT, you (or your parent/guardian if you are under the age of 18) must submit in writing to your local superintendent of schools a letter requesting consideration for a variance. In the letter, you must indicate the section(s) of the test for which you are requesting consideration and give permission for your local school system to release any records regarding the variance request to the State Board of Education.

Below is a Template you can use:

SAMPLE                                                        Date________________________

RE: Your Name

Address: Your Address and Phone

Dr. Gordon Pritz, Superintendent

Douglas County School System

P.O. Box 1077

Douglasville, Georgia 30133


Dear Dr. Pritz,

Subject: Variance Request

I am writing this letter to request a variance for the Georgia High School Graduation Test in subject area.  There are several facts that support my request for the variance.  They are as follows:

  • I have unsuccessfully passed the GHSGT in subject area on 4 occasions.  My scores range from _____ to _____.  This is within the Standard Error of Measure (SEM) as determined by the Georgia Department of Education.
  • I have passed all other sections of the GHSGT.
  • Prior to taking the GHSGT, I received remediation thru the following:  List any remediation you have received (Examples - STAR Tutoring, Online practice test such as, private turoring, any one-on-one assistance, etc.)
  • While enrolled at Lithia Springs High School, I have successfully passed all courses required for graduation and EOCT's related to the subject area graduation test.

Currently, I am pursing a plans for the future such as:  career goals and/or college________________

I am giving permission for the Douglas County School System to forward any pertinent records to the Georgia Department of Education which will further support this request for a variance.  This is indicated with our signatures below.

Thank you for your consideration.


__________________________                       __________________________

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